How to create a semester plan

Managing all of the work you need to do at university can be overwhelming. The first few weeks will be a blur of meeting new people and figuring out how to do a big shop. You might try out for a sports team or join some societies, and you’ll be figuring out how to find your way around a new city. Once you start your lectures, exams might feel like a long time away (spoiler: they’ll be here before you know it!), but before you can even think about them, deadlines for assignments start coming thick and fast.

You might try to be organised and make a list in the back of a notebook, or you might just bury your head in the sand and decide it can be a problem for the day before the deadline! I think that the best way to handle your semester is to make a plan, divide your time up between all the work you have been set, then stick to it.

The benefit of this is that you can also schedule in when you are going to be doing other – quite frankly more fun – stuff. And if you’ve planned it in it means that you can really switch off and relax, knowing that you are on top of everything you need to be doing.

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