7 Steps to Your Best Essay

I am very excited to announced that I have published my first book! Have you been given your first essay or literature review at university and have no idea where to start? Or have you not been getting marks as high as you’d like? This book will take you step-by-step through the process from research to submission.

This isn’t just another dry text book covering too much detail on the minutiae of the English language for you to get your head around. It’s quick to read, charming when it wants to be, and brutally honest when it has to be. It cuts through all the waffle and tells you just what you need to know to get your work done and score higher marks.

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You will find out how to:
• Get inside your lecturer’s head – learn the secrets they don’t tell you in class!
• Plan out your whole semester for success
• Shave hours off time spent taking notes from books and journal articles
• Implement a system that will revolutionise how you compile your notes and make an essay plan
• Find your state of flow when you write
• Edit your work like a professional

In this book, I will take you by the hand through the method I used to ace my Master’s degree while having a full-time job. You’ll not just learn how to write better essays, but will also build the proactive mindset that will help you succeed in life after you graduate.

With this book in hand you will never again find yourself staring at a blank page wondering how on Earth you’re going to meet your deadline!

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